Alan Stevens

Knoxville, TN
Email: [email protected]


  • C#
  • Visual Basic.NET
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Social Media
  • Teaching/Mentoring
  • Written and Verbal Communication

Professional Experience

Independent Consultant

February 2008 - Present
Software Artisan

Worked on a series of contracts for clients in a variety of domains.

Alcoa - Knoxville, TN (8 months)

Developed a business intelligence application for the corporate intranet using ASP.NET with an Oracle database accessed through stored procedures. Managed migration of the development platform for all applications from Visual Studio 2003 / .NET 1.1 to Visual Studio 2008 / .NET 3.5. Other activities include:

  • Refactored shared code to remove duplication
  • Centralized database connection handling
  • Implemented dependency injection using Windsor Container
  • Separated data access and business logic throughout shared components
  • Created standard data access modules
  • Implemented a custom build of ELMAH for exception tracking
  • Used jQuery for dynamic UI and AJAX
  • Developed Oracle packages using PL-SQL
Intellection Group - Atlanta, GA (4 months)

Integrated a classic ASP application into an existing Macromedia Director application through the Internet Explorer ActiveX control. Built SQL Server English Query model for a law-enforcement database.

QuotePro - Chicago, IL (2 weeks)

Reorganized and cleaned up the source tree of a Visual FoxPro application and imported it to Subversion for version control.

Reinarz & Associates - Edwards, CO (1 month)

Extended an existing website built with SQL Server and ASP.NET for an international law firm. Implemented dynamic data filtering in the administrative interface using Telerik RAD controls. Responsible for all aspects of feature implementation from writing SQL queries to page layout using CSS.

DPRA Incorporated

June 2005 - January 2008
Defense Application Developer

Contributed to the development of JFAST, a defense logistics application, with a team of 15 developers. Enhanced corporate collaboration and productivity using Team Foundation Server (TFS). Drove the adoption of TFS across contracts through briefings, training and requirements gathering. Extended Team foundation server events with custom web services. Customized TFS Project and work item templates. Built a custom TFS Version control client for Visual FoxPro.

Selected Projects:

Team Foundation Server: Chaired a committee to conduct interviews and gather requirements. Developed a custom TFS team project template from the requirements. Created additional ASP.NET web services on the server using C#, thereby extending the TFS API for our internal needs. Responsible for configuration, deployment and administration of all TFS functions. Wrote management scripts using Powershell.

scTool: Built custom TFS Version control client for Visual FoxPro built using the managed, .NET client API and COM interop. Responsible for all aspects of development from writing use cases through deployment. Implemented using C# and Visual FoxPro.

Logistical Planning Tools: Built a user-friendly interface to perform queries of a logistical plan in Visual FoxPro. Created a tool for editing ship schedules by an operator during logistical exercises. Responsible for requirements gathering and integration with existing tools. Designed and implemented using Model View Presenter, with a COM interface on the model for future extensibility.

Young & Mead Consulting, LLC

January 2002 - March 2005
Software Developer / Consultant

Worked with a team of four Visual FoxPro developers and two system administrators developing and supporting custom business applications. Supervised other team members when they worked on my client's projects. Responsible for all aspects of managing client relationships.

Selected Projects:

Cost-of-goods-sold calculation and reporting tool: Single purpose re-write of an existing system to provide transparency and accountability in cost-of-goods calculation. Designed and developed core business logic for food cost calculations. Created routines to automatically generate reports in pdf format for various levels of management. Wrote automated procedure to email pdf reports directly to managers.

POS/billing system: Responsible for full support and maintenance of system. Extended UI feedback, integrated ShepherdTime time clock, enhanced reporting capability, refactored system to internal application framework and optimized data performance.

Shepherd Time: Discrete time clock application designed to meet the common needs of current clients and integrate with Great Plains Dynamics for commercial resale. Shared responsibility for requirements analysis and design of database schema. Developed core business logic and UI components.

Community Activities