Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Google Juice


I use a RSS aggregator to read the web.  This is a great way to organize and prioritize information.  Last week, however, I was surprised to see the following headline in my reader:

Alan Stevens from Knoxville

This was from a post on Wally McClure's blog.  Wally and I are both speaking this weekend at the Atlanta Code Camp, and in October at DevLink.  I thought it was cool of Wally to publish this post, and link back to Cave Markings.  In fact, Wally is generally a cool guy, and you should check out his podcast if you haven't already.

What is totally surprising to me, is that Wally's post is the #4 result for Alan Stevens on Google this evening.  Furthermore, this humble blog is the #5 result!  Wow, thanks for the love, Wally.


 Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Behold the Fire Pit


Two Saturdays ago, I embarked on a project that I had been contemplating all winter.  I restored  the remains of a fire pit I built in 1994.  It had seen lots of neglect.  The brick lining had been removed, and it had eroded to a large bowl shape.

I improved on my initial design by making it deeper, and lining the bottom with brick, as well as the sides.  The top ring is composed bricks with one rounded edge, which looks quite nice.